Caffeine Poisoning In Dogs

feeding your dog treats

Dogs can be poisoned by caffeine and this substance has no antidote! Humans can safely consume caffeine but in large quantities this substance can have lethal effects on dogs and in other pets. Coffee, tea, chocolate are some of the food items that contain caffeine. Caffeine is an ingredient added to soft drinks and sodas to give the beverage a pleasant bitter taste. Dog owners have to make sure that the pet is prevented from consuming the above mentioned drinks and also from eating coffee grounds and coffee beans.

feeding your dog treats


Coffee beans, tea and cacao beans produce the substance caffeine. Coffee has gained worldwide acceptance as a favorite adult drink. Dogs often get stomach upset or worst get poisoned because of their inclination to eat just about anything. Caffeine poisoning is more likely to happen in dogs with coffee drinking owners. An owner not aware of caffeine toxicity in dogs may dump the cold coffee into the doggie bowl. Dogs find the contents of the trash can very interesting. Dogs that have eaten coffee grounds found in the trash can suffer from caffeine poisoning.

More than 150 mg of caffeine per kilogram of body weight is already a lethal dose for the dog. Consumption of caffeine more than the amount tolerated by the dogs systems would already result to poisoning. Although considered to be a mild stimulant, an over dosage would have the effect of slowing down cellular activity and stimulating the nerve cells to release adrenaline, the hormone that increases heart rate. Increased respiratory rate and a change in behavior will be noticed in dogs that have consumed food items containing large amounts of caffeine. Muscle tremors are another sign of caffeine toxicity. Severe cases of toxicity will have the dog bleeding and seizing. Generalized congestion and an irregularity of heart rate will be noticed in dogs poisoned with caffeine.

In right amounts; caffeine does have beneficial effects on the health of the dog. Coffee is a diuretic that enhances the production of urine. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and boosts muscular strength of the dog. As the heart rate is accelerated, general circulation is improved as well.

Caffeine when given in the amount that can be tolerated by the dog has the effect of improving peristalsis, the intestines motion of propelling waste materials towards the anus. Coffee is actually given to dogs with cardiac insufficiency as caffeine stimulates heart muscles. Caffeine does have healthful benefits to the dog but owners have to make sure that the amount given can be tolerated by the dogs systems.


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