January 29, 2023

Heartwarming Time Lapse Shows Bulldog And Baby Growing Up Together

Most kids adore dogs, especially if they grew up with a furry friend by their side. But some kids and dogs have bonds that are closer than the average companions, and they’re extra cute too! A little girl named Willow grew up with Peaches the Bulldog beside her every step of the way. Peaches is one of the most tolerant, easygoing dogs you’ll ever meet, and she loves to be with her human.

Willow’s family recorded her interactions with Peaches since she was 3 days old. Now, Willow is five years old, and the two are still best friends. So, Willow’s parents created the most heartwarming time-lapse showing Willow and Peaches growing up side-by-side.

Bulldog and Baby

Friends from the Start

Peaches first met Willow when she was only three days old. At the time, Peaches was about two years old. The Bulldog was very curious about the tiny baby, so the family let Peaches gently sniff Willow under close supervision. From that moment on, a beautiful friendship formed.

As Willow got older, she grew more curious about Peaches. Peaches often hung out near the baby, so Willow would cuddle up beside the pup as much as she could. Even though babies are overwhelming for most dogs, Peaches didn’t seem to mind. She just wanted the little one to be happy.

Little girl and Bulldog friend

“They just click. She’ll just go up and lie on her and hug her, and Peaches is very welcoming,” said Willow’s mom. “Peaches will go up and nudge Willow when she wants attention or she wants a hug.”

Willow’s mom says that it seems like Peaches has a natural instinct to take care of kids. That loving and gentle nature never went away, even as Willow got older.

Bulldog kisses human sister

Growing up Together

When Willow began walking at nine months old, things changed quickly. She could move around much faster and get ahold of more things, which can be scary for most dogs. Yet, Peaches remained just as loving and tolerant toward Willow through every stage in her life. Willow later started taking Peaches for walks and feeding her with the help of her parents.

A few years later, Peaches and Willow were surprised with a new family member. Willow now has a baby brother named Banksy, and Peaches immediately began looking after him the way she looks after Willow. Peaches regularly cuddles with the baby boy and gives him kisses. Of course, Willow is always close by.

Bulldog loves her humans

“Willow just decided that Banksy was her baby and that she would share the baby with Peaches,” Willow’s mom said.

Today, Willow is five years old, but she’s still very close to Peaches and Banksy. They’re a family, so they’ll always be there to support each other, no matter how old they get. It looks like Peaches did a great job helping raise these two adorable kids!

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