Where Can I Find a Hedgehog

Once you’ve made the decision to get a hedgehog as a pet, your next question will be ‘where can I find a hedgehog for sale?’ Many people, unfortunately, will first go to their local pet store, however in the world of hedgehogs, this is greatly discouraged. Instead, you need to get your hedgehog either from a breeder, or from a hedgehog rescue organization.

If you are looking for a baby hedgehog or a hoglet as they are affectionately known, you will most likely want to find a good breeder. On the other hand, if you are not set on getting a baby, and wouldn’t mind having an older hedgehog, there are many available through hedgehog rescue operations around the world. Let’s take a look at both options.

Start by checking to see if there is a hedgehog breeder in your area. You can easily find this out by checking your local newspaper, or through online resources, such as the Hedgehog Breeders Alliance, at http://hedgehogbreederalliance.org/. If there are no breeders in your area, there is the possibility that owning or breeding hedgehogs in your geographical location is illegal. You need to find this out, by contacting your local game and fish department or commission.

If hedgehogs are allowed, you can find a breeder that is not in your local area, and have a hedgehog shipped to you. If a breeder knows what he or she is doing, shipping a hedgehog is perfectly safe. Hedgehogs are shipped by air, and this doesn’t seem to bother the hedgehogs much. A hedgehog should never be shipped by ground services, such as Fed Ex or UPS.

It costs approximately $100 to $200 to have a hedgehog shipped by air, depending on the starting and ending locations. The breeder will need to obtain a veterinary health certificate, and the hedgehog must be shipped in a kennel designed for shipping.

If you decide to go with a hedgehog rescue operation to obtain your hedgehog, the chances are good that your hedgehog will be shipped to you. However, rescue operations are generally very good about ensuring that you are getting a healthy hedgehog, or that you are aware of any health problems the animal may have. While the shipping costs may be about the same, the cost of the hedgehog will generally be a great deal cheaper than that charged by breeders.

If you absolutely must purchase your hedgehog from your local pet store, there are several things that you should be aware of. Make sure that the hedgehogs have fresh water and food in the cage. Make sure that they have been provided with toys and hiding places, and that there is an exercise wheel in the cage. Make sure that people are allowed to handle the hedgehogs as well, to ensure that they are socialized.

You may have to be patient in your search for a hedgehog, but you will find one, and when you do, it will be the right hedgehog for you, and you will be glad that you had that patience.