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Dog Potty Issues |How To Potty Train A Dog

There are many problems that can happen when it comes to a dog’s bladder. It is not always an immediate issue of a dog not wanting to go outside sometimes it is a matter of them not being able to hold it that long or simply not understanding the boundaries between inside and outside.

golden retriever puppies eating. per supplies at allpetsco

In reality, the last thing a dog wants to do is go to the bathroom in their home. They are hardwired to go away from their dens, to avoid the impact of disease and parasites that can plague them in the wild. This is one of the primary reasons a dog will hold their urine for so long when you leave the house ‚they don’t want to make a mess in their home.

The real problem, once again, is when the dog don’t know where where is their home, or, even worse, they know where their home is (your house) but the are not taken outside enough by the owner. The first thing you need to understand is which of the two cases is you dog’s case.

Consistency and Small Breeds

Let’s pretend that your dog has been housebroken, now you need to be honest and answer to yourself whether you take the dog outside often enough. This happens even more often with small dogs, so called toy breeds, such as a Yorkie or a pug. This happens because their bladder is especially small and doesn’t have much insulation. When the weather gets cold or wet, owners will often times minimize the amount of time they submit their dogs to the elements. Some owners believe that it’s okay to take their dogs outside not to often and if their pet releases themselves inside the house sometimes, than it’s not a big deal.

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The bad news is that although the little mess that your dog can make when you don’t walk the too often may seem like not a big problem, in a long term it could become a very big problem. To start with, the dog does not want to go to the bathroom inside, especially if it has been trained to go outside. It feels much more natural to them to go outside. Even in the wild all dogs go outside. Imagine how comfortable you would be relieving yourself in the kitchen sink instead of in the bathroom.

If you allow your dog to go to the bathroom even sometimes even sometimes, the dog will never learn that it is inappropriate and bad and will be releasing themselves inside the house all the time. Dogs do not have a natural inclination to delineate between indoor and outdoor areas. You need to teach them.

Handling Potty Problems

If your dog makes messes on the floor, the easiest thing to do is to start from scratch. Crate training can be the best option, since it creates a small personal space for a dog playing on that instinct not to make a mess where the sleep. If you don’t have a crate or can’t afford it, you can use a separate room in your household instead of a crate. Build a strict schedule where your dog is allowed to go outdoors to do their business at specific points of time every day. While raining your dog to take care of their business outside what’s important is to control yourself and never get angry.

Attempt to startle them with a sharp noise, such as clapping your hands, and then take them outside immediately so they begin associating outdoors with relieving themselves. Punishing your dog for making a mess inside your household will make the situation worse bringing other behavioral issues and will get you nowhere. The dog is incapable of understanding why they are being punished before they fully understand that they are not permitted to go to the bathroom indoors.

Additionally, it is a good idea to have your carpets thoroughly cleaned to remove any pet odor that may linger. Remember that what humans can’t smell, dogs can easily smell. Dogs, on the other hand, can still smell their markings and will return there later. If you have more than one dog, they may even attempt to mark over the top of each other, leading to a cycle that can be hard to break.

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