January 29, 2023

Rottweiler & Panther Rescued From Siberian Zoo Are The Cutest BFFs

I love it when a cat and a dog are best friends. So, I guess I love it even more that a rescued black panther named Luna and her Rottweiler sibling are the closest of pals.


Siblings And Best Friends

As regular video updates show, Luna and Venza absolutely can’t get enough of each other. They play together in the snow, they share water bowls and blankets, and they even snuggle.


Looking at these two creatures side by side, they seem pretty similar in size. Actually, adult male Rottweilers can weigh an average of 110-130 pounds, while a female black panther might weigh close to 200 pounds.

Interestingly though, Venza was once the much larger animal. Luna grew from a cub into her fully grown self alongside this “big” dog.


Rottweilers are clearly not the mean guard dogs everyone assumes they are. They want to love and play just like other pups.

On Keeping “Wild” Animals

No cute animal video goes unpunished online, so many commenters were quick to react with shock and anger that Venza is regularly exposed to a dangerous “wild panther.” Technically, Victoria is allowed to have Luna, though.

In Russia, keeping exotic pets was legal until January of 2020, when a new animal-protection law was put into place. That law covers 33 species, including panthers, “that may be dangerous to their owners, as well as animals whose natural habitat differs significantly from the domestic conditions in which they are kept, which may adversely affect their health or cause death.” However, it also stipulates that if the owner acquired the animal prior to January 2020, they can keep it.


Yes, there is always the possibility that a wild animal may do what a wild animal does, and someone will get hurt. The TikTok app puts disclaimers over some of Luna’s videos, indicating “the action in this video could result in serious injury.” So, I think it’s safe to say: don’t try this at home, folks (especially if you lack the experience with big cats that Victoria has).

Of course, you could sometimes make a similar argument about domestic dogs and cats. Plus, Luna seems to be largely domesticated, as showcased in the many videos on her TikTok (one of which depicts the giant kitty using a litter box). She even gives her human and dog family members those classic cat tongue baths.

For now, I say we all just enjoy the adorable unlikely animal friendship and leave it at that. Both animals receive lots of love and care.

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H/T: Newsweek
Featured Image: TikTok

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