February 3, 2023

The Acan Garden Nano Reef and the Jump LED Lighting It

In todays video we take a closer look at this Acan dominated reef tank, including a brand new light from Maxpect in their Jump line of aquarium accessories. A lot can be accomplished in a small space when the proper care is taken when choosing livestock and equipment for our reefs and 40 gallon Acanthastrea garden is one shining example.

This small tank is packed wall to wall with 10 to 12 members of the Acanthastrea genus including A. echinata, A. pachysepta, A. rotundiflora, just to name a few and they are joined by Caulastrea, Goniastrea, Favites, Platygyra. A pair of common firefish, yellow tang, Plectranthias hawkfish, as well as a Swiss Guard Basslet and Candy Basslet are some of our favorite fish taking residence, and it’s the perfect kind of tank to enjoy many of the smaller fish that accent the reef.

It’s not just the animals that make this smaller reef tank fun, but the light fixture powering this tank also has some interesting features. We’ve used a variety of Jump reef aquarium products from Maxspect around the studio and for this tank we’re testing out the Blue version of the Jump MJ-L165. This compact affordable LED light fixture includes features you might not expect at the $230-250 price point for example intelligent power management that evenly distributes intensity across the LEDs.

The Maxspect Jump LED also has the ability to share your light settings and schedule with anyone by simply generating a QR code that can be beamed as nothing more than an image – in fact, you can even scan the QR codes right from this video! If you think the price of reef aquarium gear is getting a little up there, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the balance of power, features and value from the Blue version of the Maxspect Jump LED and it’s likely to gain a lot of fans in the smaller reefing space in the future. 

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